Jankowski Shrine

On an evening in 1900, 69-year-old Constantine Jankowski was walking from his son, Albert’s farm to his son, Frank’s place.  As he walked along Highway G, he was praying the Rosary.  At the curve in the road he saw, in bright colors, an image of Christ on the crucifix in the sky.  Mr. Jankowski ran to call his son to view the image, but as he reached his son’s gate, it disappeared.

Together with his sons, Mr. Jankowski erected a shrine on the site and built a small fence around it.  The Rev. Q. Zielinski, pastor of St. Hyacinth’s Church in Antigo, held religious services there.  The shrine still stands today, but now is backed by tall evergreens.  Evidently the Diocesan office, in Green Bay, did not hold an investigation of the apparition, for no records were found in the Diocesan Archives.

No records can be found for burials at this site, but family history passed down through the years speak of a woman and twins buried there.  The Eugene Jankowski family takes care of the site at this time.