Hansen Family Plot

In 1884, the Wild farm belonged to a Mr. Christian Hansen and there were other dwellings closer to the road, now County Trunk G.

The Hansenís 12-year-old son fell into the old well and drowned.† He was buried on the east bank of the river that ran northwest of the buildings.† This site is approximately 40 rods north of the present buildings of William Wild.† Many years ago this gravesite had a head marker and it was enclosed by a picket fence.† Due to the passing of time, all that remains today are a few flowers that are growing wild.† There is also growing here today, an elm tree, as a marker and a reminder, so that people or machinery do have to detour this little grave so it will not be destroyed.

Source:† Mrs. William Wild to Wayne and Alta Guyant in 1973.†