Fryer Family Cemetery
(Francis Fryer family homestead on Hwy. C – 
approximately 6 miles west of Deerbrook)

     While most of the family was buried on their farm, they were moved to Antigo Cemetery with the possible exception of one son, that a family search has failed to find.  In the History of the Town of Ackley by Blanch & Jerry Mendl, they mention that when her father lived there, he hit a wood casket when planting an apple tree, and planted the tree elsewhere:

     “Several of the Fryer family were buried under two large maple trees west of the house.  At that time, if a person passed away, he was buried near the home.  It is said that Phil had the bodies exhumed and placed to rest in Antigo.  But one time when my father was digging a hole to plant an apple tree, he hit a wooden box.  Not wishing to disturb the remains, if there, he dug no more (page 111).”