Cemeteries of Langlade County, Wisconsin
Warning and Disclaimer

The Langlade County Genealogical Society has been working on this project for several years.  The dedicated people who helped make these records available to you would like you to please consider that many genealogical sources have errors and omissions. We have tried our best! We hope you will consider our work a gift to you and we hope you will find valuable information. If you would like to know more about the tombstone or you would like a picture of the stone, you may write to us, and for a donation, we would e-mail more information, if available. 


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Langlade County Township Cemeteries:


Ackley Township:

M. Ackley Family Site
Indian Burial Place (Great Eagle)
Thielman Burial Site

Ainsworth Township:

Hiram Polar Burial

Antigo Township:

Antigo City
Queen of Peace


Elcho Township:

   Elcho Town
   Holy Family (Catholic)

Evergreen Township:

   Arch of the Lord (Porter Family)
   Church on the Hill
   Keaton (Adkins)
   St. Joseph's (Catholic)

Langlade Township:

   Sarah Jackson Burial
   St. Mary's
   Straus Family
   Getchell Children

Neva Township:

   American Bohemian National
   Star Neva
   St. Wencel's

Norwood Township:

   Norwood Town
   St. Joseph's (Catholic)
   St. Joseph's - Phlox  

Parrish Township:

   Parrish Town

Peck Township:

   Town of Peck (Ormsby / Badger)
   Fryer Family
   Hotchkiss Family
   John Tinney Family
   Charles Stimson/Stimpson Burial
   Space Family
   Walker Family
   French Trapper's Daughter

Polar Township:

   St. John's Lutheran / Polar Town
   St. Peter's Lutheran

Price Township:


Rolling Township:

   B. F. Hall Pioneer
   Rolling Town (Elmhurst)
   Hansen Family
   Jankowski Shrine

Summit Township:

   Summit Town
   Pleschner Burial
   Carl Hammer Burial

Upham Township:

   Lakeside (Summit Lake)
   Kempster Lakeside

Vilas Township:

   Lloyd Family
   Engels Family
   Forest View

Wolf River Township:

   St. James (White Lake)
   Langlade Wolf River Town
   St. Stanislaus (Catholic)
   Bell Family
   Polish Catholic